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Seasonal Favorites

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  • Irish Brown Bread from Uptown Soda Bread Co.
    Irish Brown Bread
    This simple Irish staple has a hearty texture and nutty flavor. Made with stone-ground whole wheat. Serve warm with butter, jam, or slices of cheese. 8" round loaf; 1.5 lbs. No added sugar No oil No...

  • Nana's Raisin
    Nana's Raisin
    Now made with organic raisins! This is my grandmother's recipe, the same now as it has been for decades. It's a mildly sweet and tangy bread loaded with raisins and full of tradition. It makes extraordinary toast,...

  • Rosemary Soda Bread by Uptown Soda Bread Co.
    Rosemary Soda Bread is a savory appetizer or side dish to your dinner or breakfast. Dip it in olive oil or toast it with butter. Makes excellent stuffing and croutons.  No sugar No egg No yeast No butter or...

  • Chive Soda Bread from Uptown Soda Bread Co. No sugar, no egg.
    Celebrate spring with Chive Soda Bread! It's soft on the inside and crusty on the outside. The subtle chive flavor complements fish, poultry and egg dishes. No sugar No egg No yeast No butter or...

  • Oat & Flax Soda Bread. Only from Uptown Soda Bread Co.
    Oat & Flax Soda Bread
    Oats and organic ground flax give this loaf a hearty flavor and extra crunch. Toasts and broils beautifully.  Made with hand-ground oat flour No added sugar No yeast No egg No butter or...

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